Inna Wanyin Lin



Seattle, Spring 2021.

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👋 Hello!

I am currently working as a research assistant at the University of Washington advised by Prof. Tim Althoff. I graduated from Columbia University with a B.A. in Mathematics and Cornell University with a M.Eng. in Computer Science. After college, I worked as a quantitative analyst in the financial industry.

🌋 Research Interests

I am broadly interested in Natural Language Processing, AI/ML for Healthcare, and Computational Social Science. My past projects focused on using machine learning and causal inference in the context of social media and health. I am working towards building a healthy and just web and society.

📜 Publications

(=: equal contribution)

Towards Facilitating Empathic Conversations in Online Mental Health Support: A Reinforcement Learning Approach
Ashish Sharma, Inna W. Lin, Adam S. Miner, David C. Atkins, and Tim Althoff
The Web Conference (WWW), 2021
🏆 Best Paper Award

Role of Technology in Self-Assessment and Feedback Among Hospitalist Physicians: Semi-structured Interviews and Thematic Analysis
Andrew L. Yin=, Pargol Gheissari=, Inna W. Lin=, Michael Sobolev, John P Pollak, Curtis Cole, and Deborah Estrin
Journal of Medial Internet Research (JMIR), Nov 2020

💛 Personal

In my free time, I enjoy looking at magnificent architecture and interior design, learning new languages and instruments, and ((very) casually) playing any sports that involve human interactions.